Ayesha Moyo is looking forward to have a loving husband who appreciates her goodness. Please take my number below


Who is Ayesha

Ayesha is a mature lady . She is 27 years old . I don’t want to waste much of your precious talking about a lot of things so let me just go straight to the point. I am fervently looking for a man to marry. I was born in Botswana in Francis town .I later moved to South Africa when my parents migrated to this country for some business reasons. My last relationship was good but it ended tragically when my lover was arrested . I was deeply heartbroken by the event and I decided to take my time allowing the healing process to take its place in my heart. Now I am back to normalcy and I would like to resume my life one with someone reliable .

Why I need someone to date now

Life can be good for the single ones but nature somehow makes us discover our complete happiness with a partner around. I am grew up in a rich family and my parents helped me to live a classic life but everything seems to be incomplete without a husband to enjoy the good life with him. I need a man to joke ,laugh with and also help me manage my business .

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About my wealth

I know you might want to have some basic knowledge about what I do for a living. I am a lawyer by profession .Through the help of my parents, I managed to establish a big law firm which is based in Pretoria . My company name is Yesha legal group and it’s growing so fast. I also have a big fashion shop in Capetowm. I own 3 posh cars and a double storey house in Pretoria. I hope to manage these businesses with your help as my partner.

True love

It is about being honest, truthful and faithful to each other. I don’t like people who can not open up to their lovers. I promise to help you solve your personal problems out of goodwill.

How to contact me

The process is so fast and simple. You just have to comment below by your email or phone number . You can also find me on Facebook or Instagram. I am also on WhatsApp so I can contact you through your number if you put it

25 thoughts on “Ayesha Moyo is looking forward to have a loving husband who appreciates her goodness. Please take my number below

  1. Yoooh i can be glad to have u queen, really u shine like diamond, you will be loved forever in my life bbe

  2. Hy my name is vusi I’m 26 years I live in free state home town Cornelia I’m looking someone like you I will make you happy all the time be there for you respect you I have nothing to offer except my capacity to love you let’s talk on WhatsApp or call 0729457943 my email address vusimuziv638@gmail.com tnx have a lovely day

  3. Hello dear how are you doing I’m here waiting for you. Hook me on Whatsapp +2348065910013

  4. Hello my name is Laurence Phetlhe from botswana I’m a wheelchair bound 21 year old and I’m really struggling in life I need someone like u whos heaven sent to come and uplift me. To cut the story short I had a dream of one day being a lawyer but because of my struggle I feel short at school so I really need a friend,to uplift me financially am a very loyal person am also a writer, poet, lyricist but because of my struggle I see my talents going to waste, my phone number is +267 774713320 I don’t have an email account but u can always whatsup me at anything and on Facebook my account is Laurence lone Phetlhe.
    Right now I’m awaiting to go to varsity so I’m free all the time contact me and I we could get to know each other better and tell u more about my life story

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