Fortunate from Mpumalanga is looking for a strong man to spend time with him.


Who is Fortunate?
Fortunate is women who has high standard of living. People usually call me Ms. Original because I love original things which comes with high prices. My favorite brand is Apple and Mercedes Benz because they come with good quality. I know that these labels comes with good or high price but that’s my favorite to tell you truth.
Moreover, I look like a gentleman because I am a muscular women. Good lover of physical training, Fortunate loves to play soccer, hockey and rugby. I think that type of activities keeps my body strong and perfect. On addition, I love reading and watching movies at my spare time.
Furthermore, I am a healthy person without any disease or allergic. To begin with, I have no HIV which means that my blood is clean and white as milk. Eating anything which I encounter is one of my stronghold. On food, quality does not matter but quantity is one of my priority so I eat like dog.

What do I like?
As a women of standard, I want a man with high standard to suit me correctly. A man with good practical talking skills is the one I like the most. Those with their own property have an added advantage since I am a money guzzler. Usually poor man do not afford me there is no need for them bothering since I have no time.
Moreover, I need someone who is physically fit. Someone who weighs more than eight kilograms will get preferential treatment. HIV negative people will be my favorite and those without STI will have an added advantage.

Where to find Fortunate?
Fortunate is already available on all social media platforms. This time I want make number public to you by giving you my private number. This number is for serious only and not for those who want to play with my time.
My private number is +263 78 490 9664

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