Letwin Thando Thaphela ready to splash money with anyone.


Born in Mhangura Zimbabwe Letwin lives a flash life. She has so many companies and business countlessly. Currently she lives in South Africa where her family lives. Her story is below as she narrates

About Myself and where I live

My name is Letwin lives in South Africa. I am a South African lady. My father is originally from South Africa. My mother is from Mangura Zimbabwe. On that note, I think am half Zimbabwean and South African. I like both places because they remind me where my parents are originated. I always go where I like. All places they welcome me.

What I am looking for

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After I realised that boys are hard to find if you’re rich. It’s not a joke that sometimes you don’t need to show off. Showing that you have a lot of money it’s not necessary sometimes. It has been hard since 2019 when I wanted to get married.

Why I divorced
I have two children with my first boy. I think we did a mistake me and my family to allow such type of people to be part of our life. Life started to be hard when I delivered my second child. He began to use me for nothing. I later realised, but it was too late. Lucky to myself I knew he had other babies and so many wives. He had nothing to do with my money. He was after women only. We filled a divorce, later end of 2018 we left each other.

Now I need a serious boy who is ready to be with me. I don’t matter age. What we can assure each other is that love is the greatest of it all. Please let me know if you really serious. You can search my name on Facebook. It’s easy, request me. Email me if you really want to be my husband for sure. Money is not a problem. Thank you good day.

21 thoughts on “Letwin Thando Thaphela ready to splash money with anyone.

    1. You’re welcome to come over in my life I’m so proud to be together and looking forward to hearing back from you

  1. I’m responding to the comments that you’ve made in your facebook that you you want to flash money to anyone and you looking for love

  2. Hy my name is vusi I’m 26 years I live in free state home town Cornelia I’m looking a single woman like you I will make you happy all the time be there for you respect you I have nothing to offer except my capacity to love you just know that no matter what happen I care about you I love you I want to show you that he has not been loved before let’s talk on WhatsApp or call 0729457943 my email address vusimuziv638@gmail.com tnx have a lovely day I’m not drinking at all even smoking

  3. You’re welcome to come over in my life I’m so proud to be together and looking forward to hearing back from you

  4. Hello beautiful lady am here but I don’t know whether a Ugandan man qualifies to be your man.

  5. Letwin thando thaplela my name is Paterson Dube I’m very humbled matured guy with respect ” us you have areally said. That money in life is not Avery things we really do share a lot in common being born in zim in Bulawayo I’m ready to settle down with you ” with or with out any thing ” I can see true love in you” so do I” let’s cconnect the sky is the limited 0825328727

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