Madina Paris, 25. Pretoria- I am looking for a mature man who is single and serious about marriage


My name is Madina, I was born in Pretoria and am 25. I have shares to most fuel and gas companies in South Africa and Botswana. I broke up with my husband about eight months ago because he was not comfortable with my business trips anymore since he always stayed home. Not to brag but l am
a very rich woman owning at least two houses in more than nine cities of South Africa. I am a humble woman but have trust issues. This is because my heart has broken so many times by people who only wanted me for my money.

What l am looking for

I have a three-year old son and I want a mature man who can be a good stepdad to him. don’t mind if you also have kids. I want a man who can help me to mold my son to be the man that I expect him not to be as a mother. Since I am in my late 20s now, I want a man who is almost approaching 30 or older. I would be impressed by a man who is ready tor marriage. I do not care much about your financial status since will help you get a job at one of my branches. This means I would expect to meet a guy who has attained at least secondary level education.

My Plans

My Direct WhatsApp Number Is found is On this Button Please Check Here

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After I see your pictures and I meet you live, we will discuss on how we can move forward with our new relationship. If you re unemployed or simply unite rested or your current job, we will make arrangements and I will employ you in one of my branches depending on your educational level. I
want a man that I can marry, this means I won’t tolerate jokes or any form of childish flirting.

Ready? Contact me
For texts only: +2775 417 7878 (text only)
Serious guys only please

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  1. Hy my name is vusi I’m 26 years I live in free state I’m looking a single woman like you I will make you happy all the time be there for you respect you I have nothing to offer except my capacity to love you let’s talk on WhatsApp or call 0729457943 my email address tnx have a lovely day

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