Memory Charamba is my name (31). A single mom of two. I stay in Welkom, Free-State- Get My whatsapp Number Below

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First of all I am a dealer, a jack of all trades. I have a butcher and a bottle store. As a Single mom I am a hustler in a nutshell. On the other hand I believe hustling as a way of making ends meet. The business is doing well I can’t complain. I am on the verge of opening another butcher. I’m making enough for me and my kids.

Firstly am looking for a partner. I know marriage might be a challenge now. But even someone who also have his kids. It’s fine we can raise our kids together if possible. I just want love. I want to know I have someone in this world. I just want to feel alive and loved once more.

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Secondly I’m not asking you to commit to my kids. We can have our thing going on and I won’t include my kids. I don’t care about the marital status I am not in a good position to do so. All I want is someone who is willing to be with me and accepts me as I am.

I promise to make it worth your while. You won’t regret being with me.

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56 thoughts on “Memory Charamba is my name (31). A single mom of two. I stay in Welkom, Free-State- Get My whatsapp Number Below

    1. Hi am frank, am here looking for sugar mommy i promise i will never disappoint u so anyone interested pls call or WhatsApp me on 0642352830

      1. Hey Memory haw are you my name is RodweLL I’m 26 year old I like to meet you face-to-face because I want to tell you how I feel about you maybe you can say what I feel about you I’m here but I really doI know to love someone if you can give me chance to prove myself I will make up to you thank you

  1. Hi Madame charamba” I will. Introduce my self in short my name is patarson “Dube’ I’m working in the department of healthy at the moment’ indeed you look very cuti and very cum ” us you have expressed your feels ” that makes two of us’ I do give you my self ” my love to you is transparent you will see through in it.!#0825328727

  2. Hi Ms. I’m Jay Williams. I love kids and I’d love to live with yours. I’m 27 years old, and if that is not a problem to you, I’d like to be with you. WhatsApp me 0678048214 only if you are still available

  3. thick legs,thick thighs,i mean, your most beautiful,but the skies are blue,sometimes grey N’ such is life,we could literally say,we love,but thats waxed cold these days,i honor my parents and for parents looking soul, to mate,to date,to let her know life🧑‍🤝‍🧑,like you i want to be my wife,inttentionally life,to see you through my eyes,confident,that your the breath i breeth,your the sun i smile to in the morning,the woman i fix breakfast and ask her,how have you sleept lastnight, through time i wonder where is she,i just want you to know that am no saint and have gotten my shares of heart breaks and i’ve given them too,but for about a year and a half i’ve been reflecting on life and the journey and hardship it took me to be where am at in life, and for every bit am thankful for,no regrets for ive learned that a woman isn’t just your girl,your woman,your other half,she’s worth much more than that,she your ribb,she that expansion that allows a man to breath while giving him a chance to exhale life’s journey and hardship. so i took a year off from relationship because most things now are about things that fades away, i never knew that there are women left out there i gave up, am now 36 no children,really had it in me that i would’ve gotten married and be living a manly lif, but ive also learned that sometimes giving someone your all, they just took the advantage of opportunities for them selves and just walk away as if you never existed,am a lover not a fighter, i think over the years i gave too much to whom never deserve that much, and now am totally drain emotionally,stressfully,financially,my whole life was taken,and am left alone to pic up the pieces, but if given the opportunity to love someone again i would be ellated and thankful to almighty for a good woman whom i can look up to and do all right by her as she is my ribb of my body. ps Jerome Anthony Martin 35 yrs welder and fabricator,/engineer/poetic writer/creative writter,a Gamer (video games)no children,want children,and to do that which is right in the site of my maker. thank you ms Charamba my number is18765323825

  4. Hry sweetie touching story am here for you dm me on WhatsApp +2348189567859 I will show your love and affection you need and pretty good on bed I’ll be your ben10

  5. HELLO beautifull a have been looking for you and i have bee traying to fine tha one for me
    if you are here is my number +631647258 also whattsapp me jack of all trad

  6. Hae madam you look yummy,,I’ve really liked you pliz +254710128548 is my watsup number,,I would really appreciate if we get to know each other more..

  7. Hi my name is Sam and I am from Bangladesh.I am 25 years old. I am a successful businessman. I have a factory business .

  8. Greeting are always the doors ways of life saying Hi,
    Wishes you a very good new year and a wonderful day.
    My name is Samuel I am 37 years, looking for women black or white I’m black man, and I’m not rich but I work at construction as builder and other jobs in construction hoping to get my future wife.
    My WhatsApp number is 0673511303, thank you.

  9. Hello there 😉I’m kiddo Boy this my phone number 0708889527 or Watts app 0717415369 I’m looking forward to meet any sugar mum available 😚 let’s communicate

  10. I am Leevans ,I am a single guy looking for a good lady to date and be with.Im 24 years of age and I prefer older women for fun serious relations.Contact me .+263227778400 (whatsap)

  11. I’m Sam , From EC 22 years looking for an matured lady 😏 older than me of course but not over 40 … WhatsApp or Call 0640983721

  12. It doesn’t require me to write aforest of words so that I love you but only to say that you’re beautiful my princess.
    If I deserve to the one to share your happiness and sorrow with then lets get in touch
    My number is +256781465922 also available on whatsapp

  13. Am here finding u up and down, I really need u, I wanna see u. My WhatsApp and direct call line +2348054155494.

  14. Hi I’m Dr shammi Kumar my age 24 year old
    I’m BAMS Doctor I’m a hundicap man but I’m games ressing I’m hard work

  15. Ηеllo аll, guys! I know, mу mеssаgе may bе too spесific,
    Вut my sistеr fоund nice man here аnd tһеу married, so hоw about mе?! 🙂
    I аm 24 уеаrs old, Anna, from Rоmаniа, knоw English and Russiаn languages also
    Аnd… I hаve specifiс disease, nаmеd nуmpһоmаniа. Whо knоw wһat is this, сan understand mе (bettеr to sау it immеdiatеly)
    Aһ yes, I сoоk vеry tasty! and I lovе nоt оnly соok ;))
    Im rеal girl, nоt prоstitutе, and loоking fоr sеrious and hоt relаtiоnsһip…
    Αnywаy, уou сan find my prоfile herе:

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