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Hello Admin, my name is Lora, a daughter of a top managing staff in Chevron Oil and Gas Company. I am from South Africa    but I travel a lot because I school overseas.

Right now, I am back at my hometown in Jo Burg  where I will stay for up to one or two years before traveling again, I am looking for a very strong guy with long sweet lollipop to connect with me and please me.
I have the money to spend and enjoy with the man I love. Please make sure you can last in bed and give it to me anytime I want it. I have my contacts below. You can chat me on WhatsApp, or Facebook live.


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137 thoughts on “Rich South Africa Sugar Mummies | With Direct Phone Numbers, WhatsApp, twitter – Chat Live Now!

  1. Hi lora i’m 35years old i need some one like u please call to this number 0784260003 please i’m ready no problem i’m waiting for you,any time any where if u not get the write one i’m available to u happy,funny,sexuality perfectly don’t stress have nice day

  2. Hy my name is vusi I’m 26 years I live in free state home town Cornelia I’m looking a single woman like you I have nothing to offer except my capacity to love you I will make you happy all the time be there for you respect you all i need it’s love let’s talk on WhatsApp or call 0729454943 my email address tnx have a lovely day

  3. Pleasure would be mine if I can have a beautiful loving Lady like you my dear love…

  4. Babe you so gorgeous and pretty I really appreciate you and I’d love you and give you the best I can , I’m LATEEF aged 34 lives in Nigeria ,my what’s app number +2347017788187…. can’t wait to be your best guy ever

  5. Hello and sorry for troubling you but I wonder if you could spare me your precious time for my short message I am Douglas from Zimbabwe looking for a serious single lady for a relationship my wats up number is +263717140473

  6. My name is Thabani aged 36 am looking for a sugar mum aged 50-65 all over south Africa. My WhatsApp is 0822551718:only serious old woman to respond

    1. thick legs,thick thighs,i mean, your most beautiful,but the skies are blue,sometimes grey N’ such is life,we could literally say,we love,but thats waxed cold these days,i honor my parents and for parents looking soul, to mate,to date,to let her know life🧑‍🤝‍🧑,like you i want to be my wife,inttentionally life,to see you through my eyes,confident,that your the breath i breeth,your the sun i smile to in the morning,the woman i fix breakfast and ask her,how have you sleept lastnight, through time i wonder where is she,i just want you to know that am no saint and have gotten my shares of heart breaks and i’ve given them too,but for about a year and a half i’ve been reflecting on life and the journey and hardship it took me to be where am at in life, and for every bit am thankful for,no regrets for ive learned that a woman isn’t just your girl,your woman,your other half,she’s worth much more than that,she your ribb,she that expansion that allows a man to breath while giving him a chance to exhale life’s journey and hardship. so i took a year off from relationship because most things now are about things that fades away, i never knew that there are women left out there i gave up, am now 36 no children,really had it in me that i would’ve gotten married and be living a manly lif, but ive also learned that sometimes giving someone your all, they just took the advantage of opportunities for them selves and just walk away as if you never existed,am a lover not a fighter, i think over the years i gave too much to whom never deserve that much, and now am totally drain emotionally,stressfully,financially,my whole life was taken,and am left alone to pic up the pieces, but if given the opportunity to love someone again i would be ellated and thankful to almighty for a good woman whom i can look up to and do all right by her as she is my ribb of my body. ps Jerome Anthony Martin 35 yrs no children,want children,and to do that which is right in the site of my maker. thank you

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