Free Singles Online Lakeisha (35) Durban: Likes to flirt online all Night on SATESPACE. Get her WhatsApp number.

Sugar Moma

Meet the Best Single Lady Online

I am a beautiful Single Lady who has joined other Free Singles Online with a nice body that always leaves men asking themselves what’s happening. I was born like this and even in high school teachers already wanted me as you as I was. Now that I am older and rich, I can show off my body whichever the way I want. Gon on SATESPACE and see for yourself what I mean by this.

What all Free Singles Online Like to dress

I always believed that your dress code has to match what you got going on for that day. For example, if you are going to a party, you have to dress up for that. My dress code is not static, it largely dependent on what I got going on for the day. In late night partis, I put on heels just to aid my height. At work, I wear suits like everyone else.

As a cool Single Lady, I have a unique personality

My personality is only sweet to those men who are not always manipulative. I like to do what I want and that’s the only way we can both stay happy. My personality is good and I never judge people. I can loom at you and not even see what you did wrong because I always believe you have your own side if the story. Its way easier than you think to make me laugh, its easy.

This is my expected type of relationship

I don’t want a relationship where I feel like I am suffocating. Since my first relationship, I have always RESPECTED SOMETHING CALLED PERSONAL SPACE. Even though we are in a relationship, you should do what makes you happy as I do what makes me happy too. Relationships don’t have to be prisons especially when I am involved.

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