Single sugar mum looking for someone to date now. Get ready to be spoiled this month.

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Single sugar mum looking for someone to date now. Get ready to be spoiled this month. My name Thaphela from Greece, let me briefly explain and tell you my real story. I was born in Greece, but my parents are from South Africa. My parents got job in Greece and they move to stay with us there.

However We are currently staying there as a family. I learnt there all my primary and secondary levels. Therefore I went to university in UK and studied risk management and insurance. More so I am happy to announce that am still single and searching for my soul mate. If you think and sure that you are single please be advised that you are reading the right story of the right person for you.

What single sugar mum promise if you are serious

Surely if you are serious i promise to be perfect and be the mother of our kids. It is easy and good to stay together as a couple spoiling each other. I do not mind if you are young or older than me. It is only a matter of time that we have not meet yet. I promise the best of me especially in terms of love. Better is not good enough.

What i need and how to contact me

However I need someone who is ready mature enough to settle. Age of 18 and above. I have everything you need especially money to spoil you. When it comes to money and businesses that is my area you do not have worry, be calm. I am a lady who has everything you need.

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I just like funny staff. If you drink you are safe and lucky because that is what i need for sure. I once dated a guy who could drink everyday but i left him after i discovered that he was no longer interested on what we planned about life. Planning is one thing and agreeing on something is another thing again.

Therefore I gave that guy power to run all my companies to run all them. I discovered that he was no longer interested after he used my car to meet her former girlfriend. It was something else to be honest.

How to contact me

It is easy and simple if you are serious. Just WhatsApp me or go on satespace. Login and get access to enter. Search my name there and like some of my pictures. I thank you for commenting, am reading all your comments. Join satespace today please.

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  1. hello Thabano, my names are Jackson Banda aged 30,I’m from Zambia based in the City of Lusaka! Thabano I can give you the true deffination of love and Affection.. what I need from you is true love no hate!! if you’re honest I’m a humbled man. I promise to cherish you each and every moment day n night,infact I will spend the rest of my life with you dear….! hit me up on my whatsApp line +260956523898 jack

  2. Hello dear swt pretty, I m interested to settle down forever as lovely relationship forever alway to give positive vibe romantic love,i m 31 yrs ready to get married to you,just call let us talk +2348034662732

  3. Hello and sorry for troubling you but I wonder if you could spare me your precious time for my short message I am Douglas from Zimbabwe looking for a serious single lady for a relationship my wats up number is +263717140473

  4. Just read ur article… I need a serious relationship as well i know im younger than u are but we can make it work not for the sake of the money but for the sake of the fact that im looking for a soulmate but no one will be with a broke final year student like me well I’m 20 feel free to WhatsApp me 07025021396

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