Thandie, 24. Pretoria-Looking for a young guy who can satisfy me


Who is Thandie?
My name is Thandiwe Nomhlahla. I am a 24-year-old woman born and raised here in South Africa. I
have a son who will be turning four next month. Thandie is a woman that likes to have fun all the time. Anything can make me laugh and am very easy to impress. On the other hand, l am also a very focused woman. Whatever I put my attention to I always make sure it works well. Unlike most women, makeup has never been my thing. I |like to keep myself natural all the time.
What am I looking for?
My priority will be a dark skin muscular young guy. I am a married woman and I love my family. The problem, though, is that my hubby sucks in bed !l would want someone who can satisfy me especially when my hubby is not around. My husband is never around and I am always lonely.
Besides sucking in bed, he has also been behaving weirdly for the past few months and 1 just can’t trust him. I want someone who is wiling to have fun even though I am married. No strings are to be attached unless the feeling become mutual then maybe I can actually dump him for you. Before you
call me, you should make sure that you are good in bed and you don’t suck just like him. Physical fitness will be the first thing I check once we start exchanging pictures.

like I stated above, this relationship will begin with no strings. If things go well however, and we start developing deep feelings tor each other, then we can start planning a future of our own. This will only be possible if you are capable of being a good step father to my son otherwise we might
just as well keep everything casual. I run my own fashion and cosmetic companies here in Pretoria and I can be able to afford most ofyour requirements. My husband is always out for his business meetings so that ill give us more time to socialize without him knowing.
Contact me
I reply my emails instantly. If you email me, I will then give you my number. No jokes please!

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    1. I’m the one that can do it nice end lovely Sweet heart app me here 0827559989 if u ready for me come le enjoy this beautiful life luv you

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