Thando Thaphela who resides in South Africa, with two kids desperately looking for a good soul mate

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My story in general
I am a lady who was born in Zimbabwe but currently residing in South Africa. I was born in a family of 5. All my parents were Zimbabweans. They separated later when things started to be hard in Zimbabwe thus when we transferred from Zimbabwe to South Africa.

What i really need
To be honest i was cheated several times. I almost lost my parents’s hearts because of my behaviour. Now i asked them to forgive and promised them a wonderful, bright future. I do not need anyone who wants to play with me. Am tired of players who always want money, yet i need true love. Read below and comment.

My age and the type of boy i need
I am not that complicated, simple and straight forward as you can see on my pictures. I was born in 1987. I need a ben 10 or anyone who is ready to be mine. I do choose.

My wealth and everything

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I have so many companies and businesses. I own an insurance company called Famacloud. I have 85% shares on that company. Please if you are serious you can run all my companies without fail. Cars and buses are evrrywhere at my home. I do choose the type of car i need.

How to contact me
If you really need my number of whatsapp, please do comment. I only choose the best comment and i will email you. We arrange where to meet as time proceeds, depending on how serious you are. I thank you for reading my story. You can also get in touch with me on satespace.

20 thoughts on “Thando Thaphela who resides in South Africa, with two kids desperately looking for a good soul mate

  1. I’m a single father with one kid, and l was born 1987 in the Volta region, I’m a Ghanaian l need a serious partner l will support you with my strength, energy, power, to uplift the image of your company and take good care of our family

  2. I’m a single father with one kid and I was born 1987 in the Volta region, I’m a Ghanaian and I need a serious partner, I will support you with all my strength, energy, power to uplift the image of your company and take good care of our family

    1. I am single born in 1984. I am Rwandan and I need a good pertiner to star with a good live and built a good family. I like to work hard to get a better future.

  3. I am John kamfer a single father born in 78 I’m not perfect but know how to treat a lady a know how to be a father ,a man and a husband for a wife. I will not talk much about me but I will show it my nr is +27718737661 you know what to do

  4. Am a Zambian national bond in 1980 also passed through with disappointment ,I need a serious partner like you,am a matured guy with the sense of Horner if have you I can treat like a queen and handle everything with trustworthy and honest,my line is +260978188661

  5. Hi m Tatenda kashoma from Zimbabwe in Chitungwiza , but now lives in Houtbay, Western Cape .I am 20 years of age I really really need some1 like u maybe older than me but really really in the name of love I need you . I arrived here in Houtbay this mid Feb and Covid 19 started so I never found work but in the name of love I promise I will keep you happy all the times ,all the days . M actually a man of his words very comforting and m a very peaceful and a quiet man , but if u are talkertive it’s okae bcoz I like some1 who talks . I also have been looking for some1 like for about 2 and half years now so please I really really need you
    ….+27656629863 z my App number but u can contact me on my email too
    ….please usandirasise ndachema zvangu

  6. Babe you so cute I really appreciate you and I’d love you and give you the best I can , I’m Nigel aged 26 lives in Mpumalanga witbank ,my what’s app number 0790681919 …. can’t wait to be your best guy ever πŸ˜‹πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  7. Babe you so gorgeous and pretty I really appreciate you and I’d love you and give you the best I can , I’m LATEEF aged 34 lives in Nigeria ,my what’s app number +2347017788187…. can’t wait to be your best guy ever

  8. Hey Theben my name is patarsonDube’ I would love to give you a very strong hope’ that they is light under the tunnel us gougers” powerful us you are ” I’m so moved with your article of which it just run trough my veins ” my personality speak on behalf of my self ” of which I’m looking forward to meet you one of the good days # 0825329727.!

  9. Hi Thando Thaphela my name is patarson Cube born in Bulawayo I my inattention with you is to l leave and to be with you for the rest of my life ” since were are beeig given this moment my the almighty and I will be always patients and humbled’ I will look forward to meet you. #0825328727

  10. Hi Thando.
    I’ll be short and to the point…Was married and divorced, still believe in love and marriage with the right partner whose willing…1 kid whom I love dearly…age is 37 turning 38 in 3 months…As I’ve said , I was married before so I’m not ready to hook my heart only to unhook it…if you are serious as you say, then this is my digits…062 758 5772….Mogomotsi

  11. If the world did not believed you , I do… I had made more than.the time you could not believe I could in order to make sure that I dirgeste every paragraph and all contents of your story…vividly,I as a person do believe that as a living ..we all has our past too…and if I should start with…..I don’t think that there will be space for all these so sorry for your past …cause the present matters most …once beaten twice shy…as they could have it…And now let’s talk about you and me…dear Thaphela…..

  12. Well i don’t have that much to say but I’m also seeking for serious relationship with a woman or suger mama, and by your heart to be broken relax I’m not that kindly of guy to break hearts because I’ve been also there being broken heart many times. I don’t have any kids or lover now still seching…

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