Theben from Durban looking for a serious boy who is tired of searching, age does not matter.

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About myself
As mentioned above, my name is Theben. I am a South African. Was born in South Africa and all my parents lived here. My family and i we both stay together for now since am alone. I do have three kids all are boys.

Why i need someone
I divorced with my first husband two years ago before i finally went to complete my masters in capetown. I was affected by covid 19 to complete my academics. Now it is being hard to stay alone. I have everything, money and all the staff.

What am good at

I am an animal lover since childhood. I have been working for years now ,but don’t you worry if you are not working i love you like that. I am rich that’s for sure. I have investments in real estate ,construction and the stock market and well I have earned enough to take care of you and me and even your family .I am a hard worker well you know money does not come in easy ,well for you it won’t be like that right .I love to get my hands dirty that’s for sure and if you are a fan of that we will collaborate and be a team but I think that’ll be too much for you because you will be working on me also .

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what i expect from my boy

I want a smart and modern guy who appreciates beauty when he sees one and who also appreciate peoples efforts .I’ll be investing much on you and would like you to realize and appreciate that . Well ,I do not know about that but that is what I expect from you if we are going to be a thing .Lastly I want a mature person ,I am a grown woman and I would expect myself to be babysitting you and teaching you some stuff I would expect you know .

My last words

Talk to me on Whatsapp ,Get my number from SATESPACE .Join using the below button

252 thoughts on “Theben from Durban looking for a serious boy who is tired of searching, age does not matter.

  1. It seems like we have something in common i also like getting my hands dirty. I just like the maturity part because i am tired of these young ladies they are full of dramma. I will be more than ready to treat you the best way you like..

  2. hey babe I would like to get to know more about you lady my names are jackson banda aged 32 based in Zambia, kindly inbox me on my whatsApp line +260956523898 am here waiting for you sweetheart

  3. Hi Theben my name is Thabo Obusitse from Kimberly in the Northern Cape province. One thing that you know about me i do appreciate beauty and i must say you beautiful and would really love to know you and if it pleases you let me the one who can take you to haven, if interested please WhatsApp and call me on 064 337 5701

  4. Theben UAR the best for me l like someone like u l need u in my life can l be the one for u my number +263771533297

  5. Hi ms, my name is Jay. With due respect I’d like to meet with you. For me too your age doesn’t matter as long love finds me in you. I’ll be there. My whatsapp number 0678048214

  6. Hello and sorry for troubling you but I wonder if you could spare me your precious time for my short message I am Douglas from Zimbabwe looking for a serious single lady for a relationship my wats up number is +263717140473

  7. My name is Raymond
    I’m what you want, I can make you happy now I know what you want or expecting from me, I’ll be open to you. my number 076 024 0464 u can call or what’s up me

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